The Newest Designs of LCD TV Wall Mounts

Ever since the LCD TV has controlled the market share for televisions there has been a lot of different kinds of design for wall mounts. They made these designs to make your viewing pleasure a better one. A few has past since the LCD TV was introduced in the market and one of the main concerns of LCD Television owners is the size of the TV and the viewing angle.

Most of the time, you watch TV while sitting on the couch or while lying down on your bed or cozy sofa. Every time you change position or decides to find another place in your house to watch TV the angle of viewing change. That is why LCD wall mounts these days has been designed to eliminate these problems.

Newest Designs

Angle Adjustable Brace – The old designs of wall mounts are fixed, which means whenever you choose a certain spot or angle where you want your LCD TV you cannot change its position anymore. The newer designs which have an adjustable brace, you can change the angle of your LCD TV every time you want it to change. You can also adjust its placement from one place to another in just seconds.

Remote Controlled – Another thing about watching TV that really disturbs your viewing pleasure is adjusting the angle or placement of your LCD TV. They also solved this problem by creating and designing wall mounts that are remote controlled. In this way you will not be bothered by standing up in your couch or bed and adjusting the angle or placement of your LCD TV.

Sliding Brace – The first introduced new design of wall mounts has adjustable brace by means of angle. But the newest designs are not only adjusted by its angle but also by its original place. You can now slide your LCD TV to the left or to the right so which also really important for your viewing pleasures.

Combination of Angle Adjustable Brace and Sliding Brace – This is the most popular design made today. It is affordable and you will be really comfortable watching. You can adjust the angle of your TV and at the same time you can slide it from left to right.

These are only some of the newest designs of wall mounts. Who knows, more innovations might be made in the next few years since the production of LCD televisions have flourished and picture tube is starting to become obsolete. In fact those types of televisions currently need a digital converter to view TV because all three of the national TV networks have moved to high definition.

Popular Styles of Bathroom Design

The bathroom has come along way in the past one hundred years. Once just a basic tub set in front of the living room fire and filled with buckets of water, the bathing experience is now a luxury in almost every western home. Back then, a “bathroom” was something only the wealthy and privileged could afford to have in their house. It was this trend which lead to the mass production of bathroom products.

The Edwardian and Victorian styles of the time are still a popular choice today. They look exquisite in a villa or cottage bathroom, and never loose their appeal in terms of design.

Today, thanks to advanced plumbing and modern technology, the bathroom may well have evolved as far as it can. With luxury steam rooms and hydrotherapy baths, it’s difficult to imagine how bathrooms could get any more sophisticated. That said, the bathroom, like any room in the house, is ever changing in terms of design trends.

Here we look at the five most popular styles of bathroom designs. Traditional, Country, Shabby chic, Contemporary and Fantasy.


The Traditional bathroom can mean either traditional in terms of Edwardian or Victorian style, or in respect to a standard white bathroom with basic sanitary ware and bath. Here, we’ll be looking at the style of bathroom design where it all started. The Edwardian bathroom.

Over the past decade, with the popularity of TV shows like Changing Rooms, the trend for old-fashioned bathrooms has seen a real upsurge. A rare gem of an old slipper bath or rusty traditional faucet may be found at a scrap yard or in a skip, but thankfully manufacturers are keeping up with demand with skillfully crafted traditional bathroom products.

Certain rooms only work in certain houses, so if you’re living in a modern high rise apartment the traditional bathroom isn’t going to work for you. If you have an old cottage or villa retreat this style of bathroom is one you should definitely consider.

Almost always, the bath is the centre piece attraction of the traditional bathroom. A free-standing roll-top or slipper bath sits proudly on a dark polished floor, and only if going for a traditional continental style bathroom will an inset or sunken tub hold appeal. Either a wall-mounted faucet or a free-standing one looks classy. Deep ridges and curved angles are what makes the traditional sanitary ware what it is – bold and masculine.

When decorating a traditional bathroom both soft tones and bold colours can work well. Strong tones of browns, maroons and greens give a nice warmth to the room, but be sure the bathroom is well lit, maybe with a lavish chandelier. With the right colours, antique gold can look better than chrome. Go for curtains, never blinds. If going for a vanity unit rather than a traditional basin and pedestal, choose an oak or cherry finish; or the white Cynk vanity unit is a good look with traditional baths and toilets.

One of the most appealing things about the traditional bathroom is clutter gives it more of a lived-in effect, thus enhancing the traditional look. Don’t be afraid to put plenty of pictures on the walls – black and white family portraits in gold frames are a good look. A chest of drawers or corner table with scented candles, aromatherapy oils or flowers will really bring the room to life. As a finishing touch an old style set of weighing scales, a large framed mirror or bulky traditional radiator will give the room that cozy old-fashioned feel.


The country style bathroom is perhaps the easiest type of design to create, and like the traditional bathroom only really works well within the right house. The classic country look is best associated with floral wallpaper, high beams, basin frills and a bath canopy. Following the traditional design, cast iron baths and deep ridged sanitary ware are what gives the country bathroom its nostalgic look.

Check, floral or plaid curtains are preferred over roller blinds, and shutters, though rare in England, offer a great form of privacy as well as adding to the country effect. Wood plays a big part in this look, and almost all furniture works well in this setting, especially beech, maple, ash and oak vanity units and cabinets.

Either tiles or wooden floors can be used. Tiles should be a rustic colour, and can be used to create elaborate mosaics. Wooden floors should be varnished to match the furniture. Decorating may see a stenciled motif used as a border, and the technique of rubbing paint on the walls with a sponge gives the room that worn natural look.

Toilets with high level cisterns and pull chains are very rare these days, but a must have for the country bathroom, as are traditional taps for the bath and basin. Just about any kind of free-standing bath will suit the country bathroom. If wishing to have a shower a tiled walk-in shower is the advisable option with a curtain to conceal the area.

For the final touch add wicker baskets filled with pot pouri, wire basket shelves and stylish wall lamps.

Shabby Chic

“Shabby chic”, a relatively new phrase used to describe room designs, is an obscure blend of neglect and style. It is one of the most difficult bathroom designs to create, and it takes a bold decision to go for this bathroom style. It almost certainly achieves its full potential in a continental house, either a French chateau or old Spanish villa.

The absolute opposite of a fitted bathroom, the shabby chic look is a mismatch of styles and products. You can even do the unexpected, like put a put a refrigerator in the corner. Nothing is expected to match and pipework and plumbing are on show rather than concealed. This style is best suited to those who have inherited a bathroom and want to update it a little rather than fork out on a brand new bathroom suite.

The key to decoration is neutral tones with a few dark colors. For the walls choose a matte or flat wall paint. Pale golds and yellows work particularly well as does floral or check patterned wallpaper.

As with the country and traditional bathrooms, cast iron baths are a must. Either a roll-top or slipper bath will do, and although you don’t want holes or rust, the more dilapidated it looks the better. Even consider running sandpaper over the paint work and claw feet. It’s always worth looking out for old fittings at antique shops and car boot sales.

Counter top basins are highly recommended in this setting, and the look out for extremely unusual decorated designs. Place it on a washstand or run-down vanity unit. Add unique ornaments and antique framed mirrors.


Modern bathrooms are all about what you do with the space you have. Within many bathrooms there is little room to work with, so making the most of the space is essential. This is why fitted bathroom suites are now so popular. Having bathroom furniture made to measure is one of the most practical design solutions when remodeling the bathroom.

How many of us have had a bathroom with a cluttered airing cupboard? With the modern bathroom there’s no need to cram your toiletries, towels and cleaning fluids around the boiler. With fitted vanity units, storage units and cabinets you’ll have all the space you need.

When examining modern bathroom design, wall-hung furniture has to get a mention. White gloss will never go out of fashion, but more recently furniture finishes such as wenge, beech and maple have made a real emergence in popularity.

As well as the furniture, wall-hung sanitary ware is a great space-saving solution while giving the bathroom a contemporary feel. Also, concealed cistern units are a more eye-pleasing look than the standard close-coupled toilet.

Showerbaths are a great practical way of optimizing the space, so that you have the comfort of both bathing and showering. Walk-in showers are also very popular in the modern bathroom, and if buying a shower enclosure for the modern bathroom choose one with a chrome structure over white.

Chrome and stainless steel are the ultimate choice in the modern bathroom, and taps and bath mixers are available in a number of contemporary designs, rather than the traditional style faucets. Also, choose chrome towel rails over standard white radiators, as well as matching chrome accessories..

Don’t be afraid to decorate with bold colours when tiling or painting, getting the contrast right with the chrome and the gloss. If using curtains be subtle with the designs and colours, but preferably go for stylish roller blinds.


Daring to be anything more than conventional, the fantasy bathroom design lets you be truly innovative with your fantasies and tastes. With the emphasis on futuristic, this style of bathroom is the antithesis of the traditionalist.

The fantasy design is ideally exclusive to only larger bathrooms, as with all futuristic interior design large open spaces are what brings the room together. Steam cabins and whirlpool baths are the ideal choice for showering and bathing. Or combine the two will a well designed bath screen and a glass shower panel. Because of their minimal effect, Walk-in showers also work well with modern tiling, chrome shower fixtures and classy shower lighting.

For the sanitary ware go with wall-hung or standard close-coupled toilet and basin with pedestal with acute angles and a contemporary design. Abstract towel rails and wenge wall-hung furniture fit well in the fantasy bathroom, giving it that calm almost surreal look.

The ultimate luxury in a fantasy bathroom would have to be a waterproof TV. You could even think of doubling the bathroom up as gym, complete with exercise bike and rowing machine.

Display Your Favorite Collectibles With a Wall Plate Holder

Purchasing a wall plate holder can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to look for what you need. A plate display that mounts on a wall has to have the right look and feel for the piece or pieces you want to display but also, it must have a certain level of mounting stability so that there are no “accidents” from it falling on the floor due to poor workmanship or improper installation. Below are some steps or ideas you can take to help you through the process of buying a wall plate holder.

For the sake of discussion, this article discusses wall plate holders used to display decorative plates not holders used for storing dishes used on a daily level. Generally cabinet dish holders have a different functionality and must be installed to the studs of the wall because of the amount of weight they must hold.

Then first thing you must do is identify where you want to display the piece. If the plate(s) you want to display are in a high traffic area, a small, flatter design or height profile would best be suited. For example, a large wrought iron plate holder with intricate designs are a magnet for little fingers and snagging onto clothing.

If you have a very large wall, foot traffic that is of some distance from the wall, have four or greater plates to display then a well designed wall plate holder with solid construction will fit the bill. Some of the larger plate holders have other decorative pieces that help to enhance the plate. A wall plate holder with candles can really set off a plate display like no other wall mounted item.

Most quality decorative plate holders are black wrought iron that is not painted – for a reason. Because there is a glazing process used for most plates, the risk of oxidation is too great if the holder is painted and it comes in contact with the plate. If the plates are of antique quality, usually felt is used to establish safe contact with the holder. More simple wall plate hangers or table top plate display holders are coated with vinyl so the plate does not move in the holder.

For a more contemporary or craftsman design, a wooden wall plate rack with a low profile may fit the bill. A design that holds the plate on an edge while keeping the plates stable with dowels are usually used in situations where the viewing area has a more minimalist, contemporary look. There is a real art in displaying antique plates in a design area that has a contemporary decor.

Keeping heirloom plates in a box in the attic surely defeats the purpose of challenging your design ideas and creativity. If you look on the internet, study and follow design concepts from several interior decorators who arrive at home decor integrations you enjoy, you will find the wall plate holder design that makes your display look magnificent!

Wall Mirror

Looking for ways to decorate your home? How about adorning the walls of your home with wall mirrors? Wall mirrors are fast becoming a popular choice for people for embellish their homes. Large wall mirrors add elements of depth and dimension to a space which makes the room appear larger than its actual size. Because of its natural ability to reflect, you can even brighten up your room with a wall mirror without adding any extra light.

Wall mirrors are available in variety of shape, sizes, colors and design. You can find almost any kind of mirror to match the decor of your home. You can embellish your walls with designer wall mirrors with wooden frames, wrought iron frames or stone frames or you can decorate your home with simple plain designs.

Here are some tips about how you can create extraordinary looks on your mundane walls using ordinary mirrors:

– Use clusters of small mirrors to create decorative patterns on the wall. Try focusing the mirrors on the light source. This ways the room will appear brighter. After a while you can even change the pattern to give a different look to your room.
– Use a large wall mirror to reflect the furniture and plants in the room. When placed at an angle large designs make the room look bigger.
– Experiment with mirrors of different shapes to add subtle style elements to your room. Sandblasted mirror surfaces enhance the beauty of any wall multifold.
– If you have a specific wall theme in mind, you can try custom large styles to create the look you want on your wall.
– Combine look with functionality. Storage cabinets with full length large mirror doors that have ornate frames make a very rich and bold statement.

You can easily purchase a plain design from any of the home improvement store or hardware store. But if you really want to choose from a wide selection, online shops are best places to purchase.

Whether you want a standard large wall mirror or a decorative type, these online retail shops have everything that you may want. At these stores you can also get a good deal on prices and shipping.

When you are ready to install your new mirror, place the mirror in the spot you are considering or if you are hanging it high on the wall, have someone hold the mirror up for you; step back a bit and make sure the spot is right i.e. the mirror is not askew and you can see the reflection you want to in the mirror. Then, mark the spot with a pencil at the top end of the frame and follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to hang your mirror.

A Metal Tree Wall Art is a Decorating Masterpiece

Most people purchase beautiful, handcrafted and intricately designed wall arts for decoration and display in their house. Some even invest their time, energy and money in order to buy an extraordinary or unique type of wall art that fits their lifestyle and their way of expression. It means that the more dramatic the design of such wall art, the more expensive is the price of it.

But there are also those people who look for wall arts that are within their budget. They do not mind if the design is simple or not so complicated as long as they can buy it and display it in their wall for decoration. They are contented with what they purchase and just simply hang it in the wall without taking into consideration whether it blends with the other decorations.

You have to put in mind that buying a metal tree wall art is a good purchase because it is decorating masterpiece. This type of wall art simply can never go out of place because it is a perfect decoration for any place in your own home. It can be mix together with other decorations without losing its identity.

There are various designs that you can choose from. Some designs are shaped like beautiful trees that seem to catch the attention of the visitor upon entering the house and they are not very expensive. Buying this wonderful piece of art at a price that suits your budget and fits your lifestyle is just as good as buying a priceless treasure.

Your home can inspire other homes to decorate their favorite room with this wall decoration. Just browse through the internet and you will find different sites that offer you beautiful handicrafts made of metal. You can put into place the wall art you truly want in your home that fits your personality and lifestyle with just a little creativity combined with a wise purchase.

What a good way to decorate your homes with metal tree wall art. It is not only beautiful and classy. It can bring out a cozy and soothing atmosphere to your home. Much more, it comes at a cost very reasonable for you to purchase. Simply visit to have more selections of this item.

Decorate Young Boys’ Room With Fun and Educational Designs

For parents who want to design their son’s room with something educational yet fun for them, here are some design themes that both parent and child may like.

o Superheroes and mythical creatures – There is something about men in costume that kids find cool. The main reason why boys like superheroes is the way they always save the day in style, aside from the fact that being able to destroy the enemy is cool enough. Decorating your kid’s room with superhero-designed wall stickers may inspire them to be as brave or as nice as their favorite heroes. The monsters or mythical creatures, meanwhile, are admired because of their strength.

o Robots and machines – The popularity of robots among young boys reignited when the robot cartoon classic Transformers was turned into a film. The huge machines that fight off evildoers give young kids hope that they too can be big and be able to knock out the enemy. As for machines, car designs are perfect for kids who seem to like cars at an early age.

o Sports – Men are generally more involved in sports than women because of their physical capacity. The love for sports is something guys learn from childhood. To entice kids to getting into sports is important because sports is a good exercise both physically and mentally and one way to do it is to design the kids’ room with sports-themed decorations.

Parents who want any of these suggested designs as their son’s wall graphic design just have to go online for companies that offer wall graphics printing and design services. Customers can upload their desired design for the wall graphic. The finished product can possibly be shipped in as little as one business day. Retail wall graphics printing is also available for people who want large format stickers just for kicks.

Iron Wall Hangings – Simple Reminders in Using Them to Do a Room Makeover

We always think that only professionals can do better in designing walls. True but we can never underestimate our own artistic skills and our creativity, especially when we are inclined to this. What we commonly fear in designing is committing mistakes that could overwhelm or disrupt the harmonious blending of elements inside your room. This should be the case if you do not know what you are doing. Hiring a professional to do the job can be a good idea but if you want to have a make over but do not have the budget for it, you can use wall decors that can blend right in. It is easy and fast and you can count on it, that you will not make a mistake doing it.

The question is what wall décor you should be using. There are many wall decors that you can see out there and you probably have picture frames and paintings on it right now. This not a bad idea and you do not have to remove them when you want to change the look of your room. All you have to do is to give space for the new ones but find something that can make a great impact to it. One way to achieve this is the use of iron wall hangings.

These accessories are one of your options. They can be mounted on walls as your source of light or they can be art pieces that you can make as your accent. This is not the traditional item that you will normally pick but they can work with anything. To use them, just stick to the following rules:

1. Sticking to the Theme- These pieces are versatile and it can blend right through to any kind of theme. However, be careful with the shapes and designs that you will be picking out. Make sure that it does not look out of place or invisible. What is the point of buying them when you cannot see them in any ways?

2. Make it the focal Point- Most of the time, these accessories are big and unique. When you happen to pick out one like this, make them your focal point in the room. This is will be your basis on what other items you can use in order to make the room more harmonious. Then you can add and arranging pieces around it that could be the start of your simple makeover.

They are perfect for drawing the attention of your guests once they enter the room. These iron wall hangings are usually unique and beautiful to look at.

3. Hang securely- They are heavy at most of the time. Therefore, you should make sure that they are in place and that they will not easily fall. There are various ways to attach them to the wall. Find one that is sturdy enough to hold them. Good thing if they are just small pieces but when it comes to big ones, hanging them could be a problem. Check if you need to drill holes for them or driving a nail will be enough.

Wall Fountains Add Dimension and Character to Your Landscape

Fountains are an excellent way to add dimension and character to any area but very often the limitation of space is an issue. Courtyards, atriums and patios are sometimes considered too small to add such a luxury. Wall fountains are a great alternative to the conventional water fountain because they fit close to the wall and can even be incorporated into the wall.

Wall fountains have increased in popularity as a staple feature of entryways, lobbies, patios and decks. They have become extraordinarily popular in gardens and yards for several reasons.

– They block out unpleasant noise,
– They are relaxing to watch and listen to,
– They make the air smell fresh and clean.
– They take up very little room
– They are inexpensive

So many people are remodeling their gardens and atriums looking for low maintenance alternatives to traditional gardens and want to add a touch of elegance. Water fountains are an ideal addition to your remodeling plans.

Water features are a great addition to your garden planning process, as there are fountain options to suit practically any garden design. Wall fountains are preferred by Tuscan landscape designers over free standing ones because they give an impression of old world elegance.

When choosing your wall fountain, take your time to choose one that fits what you are looking for. Outdoor fountains are now very elegantly designed and are widely available. A garden wall fountain can be made from many materials, but the most popular are made from fiberglass, cast stone, or copper.

Garden fountains come in sandstone finishes, weathered stone finishes and a variety of other finishes that are quite suitable both for indoor and for outdoor use. Many are made from lightweight resin that has the enormous advantage of easily attaching to an existing wall, wooden fence or other support without added hardware being necessary.

Water fountains, whether old world statuesque or contemporary and elegant, will add stark beauty and drama, especially when they stand out well in a garden or yard that needs decoration. Outdoor wall fountains can be a great addition to any atrium, yard, patio or garden by adding flare to an otherwise dull atmosphere.

Add a wall fountain in a secluded area or sunny place in your garden and create a beautiful retreat to get away from the stresses of the world. Relax in a hammock or sun bed and listen to the sounds of gently splashing water. It is a great way to push aside your worries of the day.

Garden fountains add a special touch to any environment add one to yours. Use this link for more information about wall fountains.

Now emerging from the mist of a colorful and varied career, Ian Patterson was born early in is life somewhere in a long forgotten postal code. The mantra that he learned from his parents, while growing up on their farm was “if you want it done right, then do it yourself”.

That’s just what he did.

Ian Patterson is someone who’s been there, done that, printed the T shirt and wrote the book. A firefighter, soldier, yachtsman, skier, climber, mechanic, plumber, electrician, data technician, business continuity planner, and web writer are just some of the things he’s been.

He was a pescaterian before it was fashionable and is an avid animal lover and a longtime dog handler. He has travelled to most countries around the world. Set up home in three of them and learned their language and culture.

Wall Paneling – Insulation and Warmth

In architecture and design, wall paneling is a decorative treatment for walls. It consists of thin sheets made of different materials that are framed together.

If you were born in the 60’s & 70’s you probably didn’t visit a friend’s basement that did not have wall paneling. You most likely had this decor in your own home. Wall paneling did not start there.

The first wall paneling served to insulate a room and protect you from horrible weather. It was used extensively throughout the Gothic period giving warmth and richness to their living quarters. Then during the Tudor and Elizabethan era in England wall paneling was carved, intricate and ornate. Wall paneling became simpler during the renaissance time. During the 18th century it became more decorative then functional. This was especially popular in the southern colonies which later became the United States.

The wall paneling of today has made its come back. A large artwork or entire wall can make a very impressive statement. You can be as creative as you like, because there is a diverse offering of products available. You can find paneling that is easy to install, maintain, environmentally friendly and affordable. You can also design your own. There are companies that can manufacture systems to meet your every specification.

There are a wide variety of materials, sizes, hues and styles that are available for your choosing. To create visual appeal, you can add finishes and trim. Some of the materials that are offered can make it look like it was always part of the room. Also available are panels that can be exposed to high heat and moisture for long periods of time.

Before the 20th century wall panels were made either of oak or pine. Today there are so many materials that are offered to you. You must take some time and thought to do your research before purchasing. Here are a few of the materials to pick from: solid wood such as walnut, mahogany, brick or redwood, plywood which is a veneer on a plywood base, vinyl which has the surface that imitates wood grain, and translucent materials such as lucite and plastic.

Whatever your choice may be, make it your own. Make it express your imagination. You can create a unique, casual or elegant effect every time you or a visitor walks into your home.

Author Bio: Barbara Tobiasz resides with her husband (Joe Tobiasz, Owner/Webmaster: []) in the Chicago area, studied at the Art Institute and taught for the Chicago Public Schools. She has volunteered her services for many organizations with her creative expressions in the interior design field. Her hobbies include reading, taking long walks with her dog and working her magic turning ordinary rooms into creative works of art.

Creative Vinyl Wall Art Can Redefine How You Perceive Your Rooms

Transform your room into a virtual wonderland with beautiful patterns of Vinyl wall art. Be it your kitchen, bedroom or living room, you can use vinyl wall stickers that do not cause any harm to the wall whatsoever. These can even be removed whenever you want and the styles can be changed often with no hassles. Try out different looks for your house and revel in the variety and fresh atmosphere.

The vinyl wall decals can be applied to walls in minutes and the room will get transformed instantly! Instructions along with a tool for application are provided with each order for your convenience. Since they are removable there is always room for change so you don’t need to worry if you grow tired of a style. Individual decals can be placed in interesting combination to create breathtaking effects.

Vinyl wall art is a unique and inexpensive way to have your home or apartment decorated. Well designed walls can impart a lot of character to a room. You can use designs that reflect your personality and tastes. The wide range of colors available will ensure that there is something for everyone. They are less messy than painting and look natural with a great texture.

Vinyl wall art serves to be very useful for special occasions like weddings. Eco friendly removable wall art that is polyvinyl chloride free is also available. They possess no chlorine and leave absolutely no residue. They are so simple to apply that you can even do it yourself. All you need to do is position it on the surface, rub it firmly and peel away backing paper.

You could design each room of the house with a theme to make it really unique. Choose from geometric, floral, animal, sports, urban art, cartoons and abstract designs. The finishes available include matte, gloss, metallic and several others.

Give a bit of pizzazz to plain walls with great designs of vinyl wall art. Friends and family will be impressed with the unique patterns. Most flat surfaces are suitable for having the walls decals applied onto them. Why spend on interior designers and artists when you can apply these magnificent wall art pieces yourself?

A dull office space can be livened up with interesting wall decals. Designs are available that suit every purpose. Be it a child’s room or your office, you will find something attractive and appropriate. The ease of ordering wall art online beats the hassles of going from store to store looking for the right designs and measurements.

Why don’t you impart a personal touch to your walls with removable vinyl art? Choose from hundreds of design options to liven up your living space. Custom designs can be fun to work with and are available online. Butterflies and teddy bears work well for children’s rooms. A lot of people are going in for designer baby rooms these days. The Vinyl wall art can even be used on doors, floors and windows.